SquatchHERS Events
We love to participate in public events, and our Squatch Chats are essential to our team, and probably the most important on our public calendar.   We also enjoy participating in large conventions, and we do so when we can; however, we feel that our time is best spent in the woods, searching for Bigfoot, which of course is what we came together to do.  This year,  we have carefully chosen just a few events and conventions to participate in.   Squatch Chats will appear as scheduled; the other events for this year are listed below, we hope to meet you at one of them! 
Squatch Chat - March 2, 2019 - Effie, Minnesota
SquatchHERS is excited to announce our first Squatch Chat of the year!  We will be at The Neighborhood Tavern in Effie, Minnesota on Saturday, March 2; the chat begins at 5pm.  Do come and share you stories of Sasquatch and other cryptids with the girls, and take a listen to some of ours!
Paracon 2018 - October 12, 13
Our favorite paranormal event, we again be participating in the big PARACON Minnesota in Mahnomen, Minnesota on October 12 and 13th!  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone last Fall, and we are looking forward to another fun weekend of the paranormal!
SquatchHERS Past Events

Bigfoot Days - Home of Bigfoot

SquatchHERS once again participated in Bigfoot Days in the Home of Bigfoot!  It was fun to meet everyone and tell our story!  We look forward to next year!
Squatch Chat - February 17, 2018

SquatchHERS hosted a Squatch Chat in Northern Minnesota in February, at the Big Winnie Bar on February 17!  This was our second chat at The Big Winnie, and once again it was nothing short of amazing.  A big thank you to all who attended, and we definately feel that we made a few more friends up in the northland :)

Cultured Bigfoot Premier in Norton, Virginia,  March 17
Our team loves Bilco Productions documentary film Cultured Bigfoot!  The subject of the film is not the elusive Squatch, but the much more easy to find Squatcher.  Much can be learned about Bigfoot in this film, but the subject matter is the culture of those of us who search for bigfoot.  Kimberly and Stephanie were interviewed for this film last Fall, and will be representing SquatchHers at be at the big screen premier of Cultured Bigfoot in Norton, Virginia on March 17.  They will also be taking part in the QA Panel on stage after the screening.  If you live in the area, come join us for what is sure to be a fun event (for tickets click here: http://www.parkavenuetheater.com/

Cultured Bigfoot  will be released on Amazon, February 14, 2018!  For more information about this documentary click on their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/culturedbigfootabilcoproduction/ 

Take a look at the documentary's trailer below!
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