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Could it be?  Bigfoot prints in the snow?

February 26, 2018

A little over a week ago our team headed north for a couple reasons; search for Bigfoot and a Squatch Chat, our own style of town hall.   Personally, I LOVE our chats because with each event we have the opportunity to meet area residents who also have the chance to learn who we are.  The contacts we have made during these events are numerous, and people are able to share with us their Bigfoot experiences.
The weekend was incredibly successful and honestly amazing.  We gained more local area contacts, and we think we maybe even gained a few friends.   On the search for Bigfoot, we believe we may have discovered some pretty good Bigfoot Prints.
Three of us, Kim, Katie, and I traveled to northern Minnesota on Friday morning to do some scouting and SquatchHer business.  We were more than a little bit delighted to find that the minimal maintenance forest road to the area that is the most active was passable.   Initially, we had chosen another site to investigate; however, now we could search where we always seem to find activity.  This surprise was very welcomed by the entire team. 
The team stayed in two places, the following day we all met near Bena, ready for our search.  As we drove through that narrow and sometimes treacherous road in the forest, we were of course as always, awed by the beauty and peacefulness of the area.  Upon arrival to the predetermined location, we found the snow depth was around 12+ inches, rough going to plow through.  But alas, we are SquatchHers, and we won’t be held down, not by a little snow.
After discussing how best to organize the search, it was decided that we would split up into three teams of two; Gina and Kim would be team 1 and would stay with the cars on the little narrow road, as there is virtually parking on the side so another vehicle could swing around, if and when another vehicle arrived we would have to leave and return.  Karin and Marilyn would be team 2 and Katie and I would be team 3. 
It was on the north side of the road some time later that Katie found some unusual prints.  Katie and I followed the path, a couple feet on the right hand side of them, trying to determine what exactly had made the prints.  The prints were in a straight line, very large in size and the distance between the prints was 3.5 to 4 feet.  Not only was the size of the tracks big, but the straightness of the path was highly unusual.  Thinking these were tracks not made by a forest animal that we knew of, nor a human, we trekked back to the vehicles to alert our teammates of our find.
While waiting for Karin and Marilyn to return to the vehicles, the four of us waiting by the vehicles heard a knock; was it Bigfoot?  Maybe, as there was no one else for miles, without foliage you can see quite far.   It was intriguing, but we have no solid proof that it wasn’t something else, even so it was intriguing.  Soon we were joined by Marilyn and Karin, and after a brief discussion, we lead Gina, Marilyn, and Karin to examine the prints and trail.  Gina is an experienced outdoors woman, and hunter and can identify prints, Karin also has much experience identifying animal tracks.  We could see where the heel and toes imprinted in the snow.
After walking beside the trail of prints, which was approximately 1/8 mile in length, all animal prints had been ruled out; we felt these might be Bigfoot prints and set about taking photos, measuring the prints, etc. 

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The first photo below is a trail of animal tracks we found; the second photo is the trail of unusual prints we found for comparison.

As we discussed what we had found at the trail of prints, a vehicle appeared on the road, and pulled up behind ours.   We all started back, and when we arrived I went to the car, introduced myself and told them we would move our cars, so they could pass through.  We mentioned we were the SquatchHers, and we were investigating the area for Bigfoot/evidence, and they asked if we had found anything.  I offered to take them to the trail of prints.  The young man had lived in the area all his life, and spends much time in the forest.  He said he had only seen prints like that once and was intrigued.  He also tried to debunk the findings, but couldn’t. 
Gina and I trekked through the snow with the two locals for the length of the trail, which stopped in what was ice.  We theorized that the last of the prints looked as if they were made when the snow was soft; almost mush like and froze.  It would be conceivable that the snow had melted to point where there was ponding and whatever made the prints simply walked through the water thus the end of the trail.
However, the four of us crossed the icy pond and the creek bed and continued on into the forest on the other side.  No other unusual prints were found. 
Later that evening while in Bena we showed our photos to a local area resident recognized as an experienced in identifying Bigfoot prints.  He told us that he was certain they were Bigfoot tracks.  Were they Bigfoot in design?  Maybe.  Of course, we can’t be sure, but it is a remarkable find to be sure. 
We planned on returning the location the following day to have another look along with more searching, but unfortunately we were unable to do so.  A winter storm had arrived, dumping 12+ inches of snow on the area, the prints are now long gone. 

Though this search was over, we will be searching again soon and more often now that we are moving towards warmer weather 😊


SquatchHers Talk Stick Structures

December 8, 2017

We have been asked a lot lately about stick structures.  Anyone who is remotely interested in Bigfoot has heard about these oddities in the woods.   Are they really structures?  Are they made by Bigfoot?  Are they natural abnormalities?  Just what are they? 

So, let’s talk.  While we are far from being experts in this arena, we have seen lots of interesting formations on our searches and have done a fair amount of research.  First, we should describe just what these stick structures are.   Honestly?  They aren’t really structures, per se - more like a few sticks crossed together, sometimes they actually look like a tipi; bent trees crossed together, some are just crossed sticks.  We found the ones in the photos below in northern Minnesota a few weeks ago.

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We have also found one that seemed like something had pulled a tree out of the ground and made a nest under the roots. 

Bent trees and trees like the one below could be a kind of directional marker– we just don’t know.  One of our fellow researchers in Canada, a First Nations Elder, tells us that in the northland bent trees become that way from enduring heavy snow in the brutal winters.  That makes total sense, and we often find many trees in Minnesota, like the ones in the photo below, note how the bent trees actually cross.

It is thought that trees that are unnaturally set to crisscross in the woods could be used by Bigfoot to communicate with other Bigfoot, a food source or just a meeting place.   Native Americans have historically believed this to be the case, and it is a kind of territorial marker of sorts, a place that indicates perhaps that food and water can be found there.   Other ideas are that Bigfoot makes a kind of nest under these sticks.  Maybe a kind of lean to? 

On one of our searches, we also found the tree below – it has several crooks in it’s trunk, is this natural or did someone/something help it grow that way?  Is it a kind of Sasquatch Roadmap?   It is interesting and perplexing at the same time.

As investigators, we always try to disprove everything we may find while we are out searching.  Critical thinking is of utmost importance to us, and to be honest, we are highly skeptical of these structures, especially when no other evidence is found, i.e., footprints, unknown hair, etc.   No matter how deep or remote the woods are, it is always possible that people while out hiking or hunting have crossed these sticks, made some kind of shelter or hunting blind, etc., and that they have nothing whatsoever to do with Bigfoot.   And?  It is thought that Bigfoot moves through areas quickly, we wonder if he would even take the time to make a shelter of any kind?

For more information you can find a plethora of information about the infamous stick structures on YouTube.

--Kim and Stephanie

October 27, 2017

What an amazing past few weeks!  In the past month we launched our new name and website, hosted a booth at the big Minnesota Paracon, and welcomed into our team new members, which we will continue to do as we expand.  New members in Minnesota, and in several locations throughout the country.  It just makes sense that if we have teammates in many areas, we have a greater chance of meeting Bigfoot. 

Our team has a fresh and new outlook, and we are looking forward to what we will accomplish....of course that is to find bigfoot or find evidence :) 

At Paracon, we were delighted to meet and talk to many, many people about their experiences with bigfoot.  Many have offered to lend us a hand and guide us to where they have encountered Sasquatch.  We will be taking them up on their offers, and just as soon as the hunting season is over we will be out in the woods again, doing what we all love - squatchin'. 

And of course?  We had loads of fun, including clowning around with Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters...see event photos below.